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M & Andere Krug : Jazz - Lyrik - Prosa
M. Walking On The Water : File
M. Walking On The Water : La Louisianne
M. Walking On The Water : M. Walking On The Water
M. Walking On The Water : The Waltz
M.Walking on the Water : Elysian
M.Walking on the Water : Master Series
M2m : Shades of Purple
Mac : Shell Shooked
Macabre : Sinister Slaughter/Behind The
Machito : Kenya
Machito, u. a. : The Original Mambo Kings
Mack 10 : Mack 10
Macy Gray : On How Life Is
Mad Professor : Meet At King Jammy's Studio
Mad Professor : The Inspirational Sounds Of Mad Professor
Mad Season : Above
Madball : Hold It Down
Mad'dene, Moury : Ethnische Musik - Didgeridoo And African Percussion: Spirit Of The Wildman
Made Men : Classic Limited Edition
Madeleine Peyroux : Dreamland
Madness :
Madness : Absolutely
Madness : Absolutely
Madness : Divine Madness
Madness : Divine Madness (Re-Release)
Madness : Keep Moving
Madness : Mad Not Mad
Madness : Mad Not Mad
Madness : Madness
Madness : One Step Beyond
Madness : One Step Beyond
Madness : Seven (7)
Madness : The Complete
Madness : The Heavy Heavy Hits
Madness : The Rise and Fall
Madness : The Rise And Fall
Madness : Utter Madness
Madness : Wonderful
Mado : Prodosia
Madonna : Bedtime Stories
Madonna : Erotica
Madonna : Erotica *clean Version*
Madonna : I'm Breathless
Madonna : Like A Prayer
Madonna : Like A Virgin
Madonna : Madonna
Madonna : Ray Of Light
Madonna : Something To Remember
Madonna : The Immaculate Collection
Madonna : True Blue
Madonna : Who's That Girl [SOUNDTRACK]
Madonna : You Can Dance
Madonna, Andrew Lloyd Webber : Evita [SOUNDTRACK]
Madonna, Andrew Lloyd Webber : Evita [SOUNDTRACK]
Madredeus : Ainda
Madredeus : Antologia
Madredeus : Existir
Madredeus : Lisboa
Madredeus : O Espirito da paz
Madredeus : O Paraiso
Madredeus : Oporto
Madredeus : Os dias da Madredeus
Madrugada : Industrial Silence
Mafia Trece : L'envers Du Ducor
Maggie Reilly : Echoes
Maggie Reilly : Elena
Maggie Reilly : Midnight Sun
Maggie Reilly : Starcrossed
Maggie Reilly : The Best Of (There And Back Again)
Magic Affair : Phenomenia
Magic Voices : First of All
Magna Carta : Lord Of The Ages
Magna Carta : Lord Of The Ages & Martin's Cafe
Magna Carta : Magna Carta
Magna Carta : Milestones
Magna Carta : Seasons & Wasties Orchard
Magnum : Chapter and Verse
Magnum : On a Story Teller's Night
Magnum : Rock Art
Magnum : The Spirit
Magnum : Vigilante
Magnum : Wings Of Heaven
Mahalia Jackson : 16 Most Requested Songs
Mahalia Jackson : Greatest Hits
Mahalia Jackson : Live At Newport (1958)
Mahalia Jackson : Mahalia Sings Songs
Mahalia Jackson : Silent Night
Mahalia Jackson : The Best Of
Mahalia Jackson : The Best Of
Mahalia Jackson : The Power And The Glory
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Apocalypse
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Between Nothingness & Eternity
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Between Nothingness & Eternity
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Birds Of Fire
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Birds Of Fire
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Love Devotion
Mahavishnu Orchestra : The Inner Mounting Flame
Mahavishnu Orchestra : The Lost Trident Sessions
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Visions of The
Mahmoud Ahmed : Soul Of Addis
Mahogany Rush : World Anthem
Maire Breatnach : The Voyage Of Bran
Maire Brennan : Misty Eyed Adventures
Maire Brennan : Perfect Time
Maire Brennan : Whisper to the Wild Water
Maire Ni Chathasaigh : Out Of Court
Maire Ni Chathasaigh : The Carolan Albums
Mairin Fahy : Mairin
Majubiese : Spiegelbilder
Majubiese : Spiegelbilder
Makai : Millenium
Makaveli : The Don Killuminati
Malcolm Gets, u. a. : Original Cast Recording - A New Brain (Finn)
Malcolm McLaren : Buffalo Gals (Back To Skool)
Malcolm McLaren : Duck Rock
Malcolm McLaren : Fans
Malcolm McLaren : Paris
Maldita Vecindad : Baile de mascaras
Mama Ladilla : Arzobispofobia
Mama Ladilla : Naces,Creces,Te Jodes Y Muer
Mamas & Papas : The Collection
Mambo Kurt : The Return Of Alleinunterhalter
Man : Best of 70's,80's & 90's
Man : Endangered Species
Man : Welsh Connection
Man With No Name : Earth Moving The Sun
Manau : Panique celtique
Mandoki : People In Room No. 8
Mandrill : Fencewalk (The Anthology)
Mandukhai Ensemble : Folklore - Mongolei
Mandy Moore : I Wanna Be With You
Mandy Patinkin : Experiment
Mandy Patinkin : Mamaloshen
Mandy Patinkin : Oscar And Steve
Manfred Krug : Anthologie
Manfred Krug : Da bist du ja
Manfred Krug : Das war nur ein Moment/Ein Hauch von Frühling
Manfred Krug : Ever Greens-Das Beste Von Manfred Krug
Manfred Krug : Fredmann's Episteln
Manfred Krug : Greens/Du bist heute wie neu
Manfred Krug & Charles Brauer, Manfred Krug : Tatort (Die Songs) [SOUNDTRACK]
Manfred Mann : Bbc Session Recordings
Manfred Mann : Five Faces Of
Manfred Mann : Mann Made (Dig. Remastered)
Manfred Mann : Soul of Man
Manfred Mann : Soul of Man
Manfred Mann : The Abbey Road Series - Manfred Mann (1963-66)
Manfred Mann : The Ascent Of Mann (The Fontana Years)
Manfred Mann : The Best Of The EMI Years
Manfred Mann : The Greatest Hits
Manfred Mann : Up The Junction [SOUNDTRACK]
Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Mann Alive
Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Masque
Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Soft Vengeance
Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Solar Fire
Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Watch
Mangu : Mangu
Manhattan Brothers : Their Greatest Hits
Manhattan Transfer : Best Of
Manhattan Transfer : Coming Out
Manhattan Transfer : Live
Manhattans : Live in South Africa
Manhattans : Love Songs
Manic Street Preachers : Everything Must Go
Manic Street Preachers : Generation Terrorists
Manic Street Preachers : Gold Against The Soul
Manic Street Preachers : The Holy Bible
Manic Street Preachers : This Is My Truth To Tell Me Yours
Manifesto : Manifesto Vol. 2
Manitas De Plata : Flamenco Guitar Best
Manitas De Plata : Gold
Manitas De Plata : La Camargue de Manit
Manitas De Plata : Libres Como El Vento
Männerquartett Ranten, Murauer : Weihnachten in den Alpen
Manny Albam : The Jazz Workshop
Mano Negra : America Perdida
Mano Negra : Best Of
Mano Negra : Casa Babylon
Mano Negra : In The Hell Of Patchinko
Mano Negra : King Of Bongo
Mano Negra : Patchanka
Mano Negra : Puta's Fever
Manoa : Gogominando
Manolis Lidakis : O Ilios Tou Genary
Manolis Lidakis : San Palio Crassi
Manolito : Marcando la distancia
Manolo Garcia : Arena en los bolsillos
Manolo Sanlucar : Flamencos de Jerez
Manolos : Dulce Veneno
Manowar : Battle Hymns
Manowar : Fighting the World
Manowar : Hail To England
Manowar : Hell On Stage (Live)
Manowar : Hell On Wheels (Live)
Manowar : Into Glory Ride
Manowar : Kings Of Metal
Manowar : Louder Than Hell
Manowar : Secrets of Steel
Manowar : Sign Of The Hammer
Manowar : The Hell Of Steel (The Best Of)
Manowar : The Kingdom Of Steel (The Best Of)
Manowar : The Triumph Of Steel
Mansour Seck : Yelayo
Mansun : Attack Of The Grey Lantern
Mansun : Six
Mantovani : A Legend Of Music
Mantovani : Mantovani's Golden Hits
Mantovani : Master Series
Mantronix : The Best Of 1985-1999
Manu Chao : Clandestino
Manu Chao : Clandestino
Manu Dibango : Papa Groove (Live '96)
Manu Dibango : The Very Best Of
Manu Dibango : Wakafrika
Manu Katche : It's About Time
Manuel Barrueco : Barrueco Plays John Lennon And Paul McCartney
Manuel Malou : Mixa Cooltura
Manuel Rocheman : Come Shine
Manuel Rocheman : Come Shine
Manuel Rocheman : I'm Old Fashioned
Manuela : Das Beste (Die Original Hits 1963-1972)
Manuela : Das Beste Folge 2
Manuela : Jive Manuela
Mara Kayser : Ein Frohes Fest Wünscht
Mara Kayser : Ein kleines Vergißmeinnicht
Mara Kayser : Gedanken und Gefühle
Mara Kayser : Herzliche Grüsse
Mara Kayser : Laßt alle Blumen blühen
Mara Kayser : Mara Kayser
Mara Kayser : Stark wie die Sehnsucht
Mara Kayser : Stark wie die Sehnsucht
Mara Kayser : Träume aus Samt und Seide
Marabouts : Invisible Landmarks
Marah : Kids in Philly
Marc Almond : Tenement Symphony
Marc Anthony : Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony : Otra Nota
Marc Antoine : Madrid
Marc Antoine : Universal Language
Marc Beacco : Tomato Soup
Marc Bolan : Acoustic Warrior
Marc Bolan : Acoustic Warrior
Marc Bolan : Cosmic Dancer
Marc Bolan : The Words and Music of M.Bolan
Marc Bolan : Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow
Marc Cohn : Burning The Daze
Marc Cohn : Marc Cohn
Marc Cohn : The Rainy Season
Marc Ducret : Un Certain Malaise
Marc Johnson : Bass Desires
Marc Johnson, u. a. : Abercrombie/Johnson/Erskine
Marc Johnson, u. a. : November
Marc Johnson's Bass Desires : Jest
Marc Lavoine : 1985-1995
Marc Lavoine : Best Of
Marc Lavoine : Septieme Ciel
Marc Nelson : Chocolate Mood
Marc Nelson : Chocolate Mood
Marc Ogeret : Autour de La Commune
Marc Ogeret : Cristal Collection
Marc Ribot : Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos
Marc Ribot : Muy Divertido
Marcel Mouloudji : Best Of
Marcel Mouloudji : Cristal Collection (New Artwor
Marcel Reich-Ranicki : Mein Leben
Marcel Reich-Ranicki : Texte Von+Über Bertolt Brecht
Marcela Morelo : Eclipse
Marcella Detroit : Jewel
Marcelo Molina : Directo a tu corazon
Marcio Faraco : Ciranda
Marco Borsato : De Waarheid
Marco Masini : Il cielo della vergine
Marco Masini : L'amore Sia Con Te
Marco Masini : Raccontami di Te
Marco Masini : Scimmie
Marc'oh : Magic Power
Marc'oh : Never Stop That Feeling
Marcus Miller : Marcus Miller
Marcus Printup : Nocturnal Traces
Marcus Printup : Unveiled
Marcus Printup, Tim Hagans : Hubsongs
Marcus Roberts : Collected
Marcus Roberts Trio : In Honor Of Duke
Marcy Playground : Marcy Playground
Marcy Playground : Shapeshifter
Mardi Gras.Bb : Supersmell
Mari Boine : Eagle Brother
Mari Boine : Eallin
Mari Boine : Gula Gula
Mari Boine : Leahkastin-Unfolding
Mari Boine : Room Of Worship
Maria & Margot Hellwig : Erfolge
Maria Bethania : A Forca Que Nunca Seca
Maria Bethania : Ambar
Maria Bethania : As Cancoes que voce fes pra mim
Maria Bethania : Diamante Verdadeiro
Maria Bethania : Focus
Maria Bethania : Las Canciones Que Hiciste Para
Maria Bethania : Maria Bethania ao vivo
Maria Bethania : Mel
Maria Bethania : Memoria da pele
Maria Bethania : Minha Historia
Maria Callas, u. a. : Der große Bagarozy [SOUNDTRACK]
Maria Del Mar Bonet : Salmaia
Maria Dolores Pradera : As de cora zones
Maria Dolores Pradera : El Rey
Maria Dolores Pradera : El Tiempo Que Te Quede Libre
Maria Dolores Pradera : No Lo Llames
Maria Dolores Pradera : Pa Todo Al Ano
Maria Dolores Pradera : Pajarillo Verde
Maria Dolores Pradera : Paloma,Llevale
Maria Dolores Pradera : Polo Margaritno
Maria Dolores Pradera : Que Ya Se Acabo Tu Amor
Maria Dolores Pradera : Reverdecer
Maria Dolores Pradera : Seis Anos
Maria Dolores Pradera : Senora Hermosura
Maria Dolores Pradera : Te Solte La Rienda
Maria Farantouri : 17 Songs
Maria Farantouri : Ligo akoma (Lieder aus Griechenland)
Maria Farantouri : Wenn die Kraniche ziehen (Live in Düsseldorf)
Maria Farantouri : Wenn die Kraniche ziehen (Live in Düsseldorf)
Maria Hellwig : Jung muß man bleib'n
Maria Joao : Cor
Maria Joao : Dancas
Maria Joao : Fabula
Maria Joao Pires, Misia : Paixoes diagonais
Maria Joao, Mario Laginha : Chorino Feliz
Maria Joao, u. a. : Lobos, raposas e coiotes
Maria McKee : Life Is Sweet
Maria McKee : You Gotta Sin To Get Saved
Maria Montell : Di Da di (And So The
Maria Perzil : Heul doch
Maria Serrano : Mi Carmen Flamenca
Maria Sils : Irgendwo im Nirgendwo
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan : Hot Mexican Nights
Mariah Carey : Butterfly
Mariah Carey : Butterfly
Mariah Carey : Daydream
Mariah Carey : Daydream
Mariah Carey : Emotions
Mariah Carey : Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey : Merry Christmas
Mariah Carey : MTV Unplugged
Mariah Carey : Rainbow
Mariah Carey : The Ones
Marianne & Michael : Adv.&weihn.Lied
Marianne & Michael : Bleib' wie du bist
Marianne & Michael : Das Beste von
Marianne & Michael : Die kloane Tür zum Paradies
Marianne & Michael : Ein heiliger Moment
Marianne & Michael : Hand in Hand mit dir
Marianne & Michael : Unsere schönsten Lieder
Marianne & Michael : Unsere schönsten Lieder
Marianne & Michael : Unsere schönsten Lieder
Marianne & Michael : Wann fangt denn endlich d'Musi an
Marianne & Michael : Wann fangt denn endlich d'Musi an
Marianne Faithfull : A Perfect Stranger
Marianne Faithfull : A Secret Life
Marianne Faithfull : Blazing Away
Marianne Faithfull : Broken English
Marianne Faithfull : Dangerous Acquaintances
Marianne Faithfull : Faithfull
Marianne Faithfull : Faithfull
Marianne Faithfull : Marianne Faithfull
Marianne Faithfull : Strange Weather
Marianne Faithfull : The Very Best Of
Marianne Faithfull : Vagabond Ways
Marianne Faithfull, Ismael Lo : Jamma Africa
Marianne Faithfull, u. a. : Alien Diary
Marianne Hoppe, Thomas Bernhard : Der Stimmenimitator
Marianne Rosenberg : Das Beste
Marianne Rosenberg : Der Marianne Rosenberg Hitmix
Marianne Rosenberg : Die großen Erfolge
Marianne Rosenberg : Er gehört zu mir
Marianne Rosenberg : Fremder Mann
Marianne Rosenberg : Fünf Tage und fünf Nächte (Geschichten von Liebe und Haß)
Marianne Rosenberg : Ich hab' auf Liebe gesetzt
Marianne Rosenberg : In Liebe.(Meine Schönsten B
Marianne Rosenberg : Lieder der Nacht (16 unvergessene Hits)
Marianne Rosenberg : Luna
Marianne Rosenberg : Luna
Marianne Rosenberg : Remix '90
Marianne Rosenberg : Und Du kannst nichts dagegen tun
Marianne Rosenberg : Und Du kannst nichts dagegen tun
Marianne Rosenberg : Uns verbrennt die Nacht
Marianne Rosenberg : Uns verbrennt die Nacht
Marie Frank : Ancient Pleasures
Marie Fredrikson : Het Vind
Marie Mariteragi : Folklore - Tahiti
Marie-Luise Marjan : Was mir am Herzen liegt
Marietta Meade, u. a. : September
Marife De Triana : Coplas Y Cantares
Marijke Amado : Kids Of The World
Marika Rökk : Die Grossen Erfolge Von Gester
Marillion : Misplaced Childhood (24 Bit Digital Remaster)(+ Bonus CD)
Marillion : A Singles Collection (1982-1992)
Marillion : Afraid Of Sunlight
Marillion : Brave (24 Bit Digital Remaster 2 Disc Version)
Marillion : B-Side Themselves
Marillion : Clutching At Straws
Marillion : Fugazi (+Bonus CD)
Marillion : Gold Collection
Marillion : Holidays In Eden
Marillion : Real To Reel & Brief Encounter
Marillion : Script For A Jester's Tear (Dig. Remastered) (Plus Bonus CD)
Marillion : Seasons End/The Mushroom Farm Demos
Marillion : The Best Of Both Worlds (The Fish Years)
Marillion : The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)
Marillion : The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)
Marilyn Crispell : Nothing Ever Was, Anyway
Marilyn Manson : 2 CD Box: Antichrist Superstar & Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson : Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson : Last Tour On Earth (Live)
Marilyn Manson : Last Tour on Earth (Live) Limited Edition with Bonus CD
Marilyn Manson : Lunchbox EP
Marilyn Manson : Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson : Mechanical Animals Ltd.Tour E
Marilyn Manson : Portrait Of An American Family
Marilyn Manson : Smells Like Children
Marilyn Mazur's Future Song : Small Labyrinths
Marilyn Monroe : Happy Birthday Mr. President
Marilyn Scott : Avenues Of Love
Marina Hess : Fang mich auf
Marina Rei : Anime belle
Marina Rei : Donna
Marinechor der Schwarzmeerflotte : Fremde Sterne
Marinechor der Schwarzmeerflotte : Spasiba heißt Dankeschön
Marinechor der Schwarzmeerflotte : Und die Wolga fließt ins Abendrot hinein
Marinechor der Schwarzmeerflotte : Und die Wolga fließt ins Abendrot hinein
Marineville : Redpath House (Live 1996-1997)
Mario Adorf : Der Fenstersturz
Mario Adorf : Der Fenstersturz. Audiobook. CD. Merkwürdige Geschichten. Gekürzte Fassung. Lesung.
Mario Lanza : Christmas With
Mario Lanza : With A Song In My Heart
Mario Lanza : With A Song In My Heart
Marion : The Program
Marion Brown : Afternoon Of Georgia Faun
Marion Hutton, u. a. : Miller Plays Mercer
Marisa Monte : Mais
Marisa Monte : Marisa-Monte
Marisa Monte : Memories (Chronicles And Declarations)
Marisa Monte : Rose And Charcoal
Marisa Monte : The Great Noise
Marisa Turner : Charisma
Marisa Turner : Dance, Dance, Dance
Marisol : De Marisol a Pepa Flores
Mark Chesnutt : I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Mark De Clive-Lowe : Six Degrees
Mark de Gli Antoni, u. a. : Bump
Mark Hollis : Mark Hollis
Mark Isham : Blue Sun
Mark Isham : Blue Sun
Mark Isham : Education of Little
Mark Isham : The Silent Way Project (Miles Remembered)
Mark Isham, Art Lande : We Begin
Mark Keller : Mark Keller
Mark Knopfler : Golden Heart
Mark Knopfler : Local Hero [SOUNDTRACK]
Mark Knopfler : Screenplaying
Mark Knopfler : The Princess Bride
Mark Knopfler : Wag The Dog [SOUNDTRACK]
Mark Ledford : Miles 2 Go
Mark Morrison : Judgement
Mark Morrison : Return Of The Mack (Japan Ed.)
Mark Morrison : The Return Of The Mack
Mark Nesler : I'm Just The Way
Mark 'Oh : Rebirth
Mark Owen : Green Man
Mark Shim : Turbulent Flow
Mark Spoon : HR3 und XXL Clubnight Compilation Vol. 3
Mark Stewart : Control Data
Mark Turner : Ballad Session
Mark Turner : In This World
Mark Whitfield : Forever Love
Mark Whitfield : True Blue
Mark Wills : Permanently
Mark-Almond : The Best Of
Markus : Definitive Collection - Markus
Markus : Kopfüber
Markus Stockhausen, Rainer Brüninghaus : Continuum
Markus Stockhausen, u. a. : Aparis
Marky Mark : Music For The People
Marla Glen : Love And Respect
Marla Glen : Our World
Marla Glen : The Best Of
Marla Glen : This Is Marla Glen
Marlen Olano : Y liego la cubanitis
Marlena Shaw : Go Away Little Boy
Marlena Shaw : Out of Different Bags/Spice Of
Marlena Shaw : Take A Bite
Marlene Dietrich : Come Up And See Me Sometime
Marlene Dietrich : Das War Mein Milljöh
Marlene Dietrich : Das War Mein Milljöh
Marlene Dietrich : Die größten Erfolge
Marlene Dietrich : Einfach das Beste
Marlene Dietrich : Lili Marleen
Marlene Dietrich : Marlene [SOUNDTRACK]
Marlene Dietrich : My Greatest Songs
Marlene Dietrich : Mythos Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich : Mythos und Legende
Marlene Dietrich : Nur das Beste
Marque : Best of Marque
Marque : Freedomland
Mars Electric : Beautiful Something
Marshall & Alexander : Marshall & Alexander
Marshall & Alexander : Welcome
Marshall Crenshaw : Best Of
Martha : Faraway In Time
Martha Reeves : Dancing In The Street (The Greatest Hits)
Martha Reeves : The Ultimate Collection - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Martha Reeves, u. a. : Good Morning Vietnam [SOUNDTRACK]
Martha Wash : The Collection (Intl. Version)
Marti Webb : Tell Me On A Sunday
Martial Solal : Jazz'n (E)motion
Martial Solal : Original Vogue Masters - The Complete Vogue Recordings Vol. 1
Martial Solal : Original Vogue Masters - The Complete Vogue Recordings Vol. 2
Martial Solal : Original Vogue Masters - The Complete Vogue Recordings Vol. 3
Martial Solal, u. a. : Fast Mood
Martika : Martika
Martika : More Than You Know (Best Of)
Martin : One Shade Of Love
Martin & Wood Medeski : Tonic
Martin Benrath, u. a. : Der kleine Hobbit
Martin Böttcher : Karl May Filmmelodien (Die Besten) [SOUNDTRACK]
Martin Böttcher : Original Karl May Filmmelodien Vol. 2 [SOUNDTRACK]
Martin Böttcher : Sound Kaleidoscope
Martin Böttcher : Winnetou-Melodien
Martin Böttcher, Martin Böttcher : Die Schönsten Film-Und Fernsehmelodien [SOUNDTRACK]
Martin Böttcher, Martin Böttcher : Winnetous Rückkehr [SOUNDTRACK]
Martin Circus : Story
Martin Cruz Smith : Nacht in Havanna
Martin G. Schneider, Rudolf Guckelsberger : Höre Gott. CD.
Martin Gore : Counterfeit
Martin L. Gore : Counterfeit E.P.
Martin Luther Lennon : Escape to Paradox Island
Martin Medeski : Combustication
Martin Medeski : Combustication - Remix (EP)
Martin Schneider : Aschebeascher
Martin Sexton : The American
Martin Stephenson : There Comes A Time (The Best Of)
Martin Taylor : Kiss and Tell
Martin Umbach, u. a. : Indisches Nachtstück
Martin Walser : Finks Krieg. Audiobook. CD. Auszüge aus dem Roman.
Martin Walser : Finks Krieg. Audiobook. CD. Auszüge aus dem Roman.
Martin Wind, u. a. : Dreiklang Feat. John Abercrombie
Martina McBride : Emotion
Martina McBride : Evolution
Martina McBride : The Way That I Am
Martina McBride : The Way That I Am
Martina McBride : White Christmas
Martina McBride : White Christmas
Martina McBride : Wild Angels
Martina McBride : Wild Angels
Martine Girault : Revival
Martine McCutcheon : You, Me And Us
Martinho Da Vila : 3.0 Turbinado
Martinho Da Vila : Focus
Martinho Da Vila : Lusofonia
Martinho da Vila : Meu Samba Feliz
Martinho Da Vila : O Pai Da Alegria
Martires Del Compas : Al Compas de La Llaga Dolorida
Marty Hall : Who's Been Talkin'?
Marty Robbins : Gunfighter Ballads
Marty Robbins : Gunfighter Ballads
Marty Robbins : The Best Of
Marty Robbins : The Best Of
Marty Stuart : Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best
Marty Stuart : Marty Stuart
Martyn Joseph : Full Colour Black & White
Marusha : No Hide No Run
Marusha : Raveland
Marusha : Wir
Marvelous 3 : Hey
Marvin & Tammi Gaye : Greatest Hits
Marvin at the Movies : Marvin,Hank
Marvin Gaye : Every Great Motown Hit Of
Marvin Gaye : Final Concert
Marvin Gaye : Here, My Dear
Marvin Gaye : I Want You
Marvin Gaye : Inner City Blues (The Music Of Marvin Gaye)
Marvin Gaye : Let's Get It On
Marvin Gaye : Live at the London Palladium
Marvin Gaye : Live!
Marvin Gaye : Love Songs
Marvin Gaye : Love Starved Heart
Marvin Gaye : Love Starved Heart: Rare And Unreleased
Marvin Gaye : Midnight Love
Marvin Gaye : Midnight Love
Marvin Gaye : Midnight Love & Sexual Healing Sessions
Marvin Gaye : The Best Of
Marvin Gaye : The Best Of
Marvin Gaye : The Master 1961-1984
Marvin Gaye : Trouble Man
Marvin Gaye : Vunerable Session
Marvin Gaye : What's Going On
Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross : Voice Of Love
Marxman : Time Capsule
Marxman : Time Capsule
Mary : Live In Concert
Mary & Gordy : Meistens ist gar nichts dahinter
Mary & Gordy : Starportrait
Mary & Gordy : Starportrait
Mary Beats Jane : Locust
Mary Black, u. a. : A Celebration Of Dublin
Mary Black, u. a. : A Woman's Heart Vol. 2
Mary Black, u. a. : Golden Sounds Of Irish Folk
Mary Coughlan : Love Me Or Leave Me-Best
Mary Coughlan : Sentimental Killers
Mary Coughlan : Tired and Emotional
Mary Coughlan : Under The Influence
Mary Coughlan, u. a. : Uncertain Pleasures
Mary Cutrufello : When The Night Is Through
Mary Hopkin : Those Were The Days
Mary Hopkin : Those Were The Days
Mary J. Blige : Live Album
Mary J. Blige : Mary
Mary J. Blige : My Life
Mary J. Blige : Share My World
Mary J. Blige : What's The 411
Mary J. Blige : What's The 411? (Remix)
Mary Jane Lamond : Suas e
Mary Lou Williams : The London Sessions
Mary Louise Wilson, u. a. : Gesamtaufnahme (Orig. Broadway Cast) - Cabaret (Kander, Ebb)
Mary Mary : Thankful
Mary McLaughlin : Celtic Requiem
Mary Murphy : Always a Flame
Mary Roos : Die Grossen Erfolge
Mary Roos : Heiß und kalt
Mary Wells : Ultimate Collection
Maryam Mursal : The Journey
Mary-Ann Brandon : If Love Hurts
Mary-Chapin Carpenter : A Place In The World
Mary-Chapin Carpenter : Come On, Come On
Mary-Chapin Carpenter : Come On, Come On
Mary-Chapin Carpenter : Party Doll & Other Favorites
Mary-Chapin Carpenter : Shooting Straight In The Dark
Mary-Chapin Carpenter : Stones In The Road
Maryline : Maryline leg' los
Masabumi Kikuchi, u. a. : Tethered Moon
Masakazu Yoshizawa : Kyori
Mase : Double Up
Mase : Double Up (Dirty Version)
Mase : Harlem World
Masqualero : Re-Enter
Mass Hysteria : Contraddiction
Mass Hysteria : Contraddiction
Massiel : Pop de Los 60
Massimo Di Cataldo : Crescendo
Massimo Di Cataldo : Crescendo
Massimo Di Cataldo : Dieci
Massimo Vivona :
Massive Attack : Blue Lines
Massive Attack : Mezzanine
Massive Attack : No Protection
Massive Attack : Protection
Massive Töne : Überfall
Master Musicians Of : Master Musicians of Jajouka
Master P : Da Last Don
Master P : Only God Can Judge Me
Master P, Eddie Griffin : Foolish [SOUNDTRACK]
Masterboy : Best of Masterboy
Masterboy : Best of Masterboy/Ltd.Edit
Masterboy : Colours
Masterboy : Different Dreams
Masterboy : Feeling Alright
Masterboy : Generation Of Love
Masterboy : The Masterboy Family
Matchbox 20 : Mad Season By Matchbox Twenty
Matchbox 20 : Yourself Or Someone Like You
Material : Seven Souls
Material : Seven Souls
Mathilde Santing : Carried Away
Mathilde Santing : Carried Away
Mathilde Santing : To Others to One
Matia Bazar : Benvenuti a sausalito
Matia Bazar : Melancholia
Matia Bazar : Tutto meglio dei
Mats Eden : Milvus
Matt : Matt
Matt Bianco : Best of
Matt Bianco : Matt Bianco
Matt Bianco : Samba In Your Casa
Matt Bianco : Whose Side Are You On
Matt Bianco : World Go Round
Matt King : Five O'Clock Hero
Matt King : Hard Country
Matthew Good Band : Beautiful Midnight
Matthew Ryan : Mayday
Matthew Sweet : Girlfriend
Matthew Sweet : Girlfriend
Matthias Beltz : Notschlachten (Die 7 Weltverbrechen)
Matthias Deutschmann : Finalissimo
Matthias Deutschmann : Nachtangriff
Matthias Haase, u. a. : Das Foucaultsche Pendel
Matthias Habich, u. a. : Sofies Welt
Matthias Reim : Alles klar
Matthias Reim : Reim
Matthias Reim : Reim 2
Matthias Reim : Reim 3
Matthias Reim : Sabotage
Matthias Reim : Sensationell
Matthias Reim : Wolkenreiter
Matthias Reim : Zauberland
Matthias Reim : Zehn Jahre Intensiv
Maurane : Ami ou ennemi
Maurane : Differente
Maurane : Toutes les mamas
Maurice Druon : Tistou mit dem Grünen Daumen
Maurice Pop : Power Pop
Mavis Staples : Spirituals And Gospel (Dedicated To Mahalia Jackson)
Max Bolliger : Stummel (Ein Hasenkind wird groß)
Max Goldt : Ein Leben auf der Flucht vor der Koralle. Audiobook. CD.
Max Goldt : Schöne Greatest Leselive Oldies
Max Goldt, Nino Sandow : Ein Leben auf der Flucht vor der Koralle
Max Greger : Die 20 Besten Bigband Hits
Max Greger : Die goldene Hitparade des Herzens
Max Greger : Eine Legende in Musik
Max Greger : Eine Reise ins Glück
Max Greger : European Jazz Sounds
Max Greger : Klassisches Tanzvergnügen mit Max Greger
Max Greger : Laßt uns tanzen
Max Greger : Lovebird
Max Greger : Max Greger Plays The Best Of Glenn Miller
Max Greger : Maximum
Max Greger : Night Train
Max Greger : Oscar-Melodien zum Tanzen
Max Greger : Sax In Love
Max Greger : Silberfäden
Max Greger : Swing Time
Max Greger : Tanzen '90
Max Greger : Tanzen '94
Max Greger : Tanzen '95
Max Greger : Tanzen '96
Max Greger : Tanzen '97
Max Greger : Tanzen '98
Max Greger : Tanzschule Max Greger (Potpourri)
Max Raabe, Palast Orchester : Krokodile und andere Hausfreunde
Max Roach : Drums Unlimited
Max Roach : Lift Every Voice And Sing
Max Roach : Max
Max Roach : Max Roach Plus Four
Max Roach : Orchestra of Boston
Max Roach, Clifford Brown : Alone Together (The Best Of The Mercury Years)
Max Roach, Clifford Brown : Clifford Brown & Max Roach (1954-1955)
Max Romeo : War In A Babylon
Maxfield Parrish : It's A Cinch To Give Legs To
Maxi Priest : Best Of Me
Maxi Priest : Bonafide
Maxi Priest : Combination
Maxi Priest : Man With the Fun
Maxi Priest : Maxi
Maxim Rad : This One's A Killer
Maxime le Forestier : Douze Nouvelles De Brassens
Maxime le Forestier : Essentielles (Best Of 1972-1996)
Maxime le Forestier : Le steak
Maxime le Forestier : Mon Frere
Maximo Jimenez : El indio sinuano
Maxwell : Embrya
Maxwell : Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
Maxwell : MTV Unplugged
May Blitz : The Second Of May
Mayhem : Grand Declaration of War
Mayhem : Grand Declaration of War (Digi
Maynard Ferguson : Live from London
Maynard Ferguson : Storm
Maynard Ferguson : This Is Jazz - No. 16: Maynard Ferguson
Maynard Ferguson : Verve Jazz Masters - Vol. 52: Maynard Ferguson
Maze : Anthology
Maze : Live In New Orleans
Maze : We Are One
Maze, Frankie Beverly : Inspiration/Joy and Pain
Maze, Frankie Beverly : Maze/Golden Time of Day
Maze, Frankie Beverly : We Are One/Can't Stop the Love
Mazzy Star : Among My Swan
Mazzy Star : She Hangs Brightly
Mazzy Star : So Tonight That I Might See
MC 5 : Back In The U.S.A.
MC 5 : High Time
Mc 5 : Kick Out the Jams
MC 5 : The Big Bang (The Best Of)
Mc Eight : N' My Neighborhood
MC Eiht : Section 8
MC Hammer : Greatest Hits
MC Lyte : Ain't No Other
MC Lyte : Bad As I Wanna B
MC Lyte : Badder Than B Fore (The Remix Album)
MC Lyte : Seven & Seven
Mc Lyte : Seven and Seven
Mc Ren : Ruthless for Life
Mc Rene : Ein Album Namens Bernd
MC Solaar : Le tour de la question (Best Of Live)
MC Solaar : MC Solaar
MC Solaar : Paradisiaque
MC Solaar : Prose Combat
MC Solaar : Prose Combat
MC Solaar : Qui seme le vent recolte le tempo
MC Solaar : Qui seme le vent recolte le tempo (Lim. Ed.)
MC Sultan : Super Ethno Astronaut
McAlmont & Buttler : The Sound Of
McAlmont & Buttler : The Sound Of
McCoy Tyner : Asante
McCoy Tyner : Jazz Profile - McCoy Tyner
Mccoy Tyner : Real Mc Coy
McCoy Tyner : The Real McCoy
Mccoy Tyner : The Real Mccoy (Limit.Edit)
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : A Love Supreme
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : Coltrane
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : Extensions
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : Inception
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : Infinity
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : Living Space
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : Sun Ship
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : The Classic Quartet
McCoy Tyner, u. a. : The Gentle Side Of John Coltrane
Mcguinn, Hillman : Mcguinn/Hillman
Mcguinn, u. a. : City
McKinney's Cotton Pickers : Jazz Tribune - No. 7: The Complete McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Vol. 1-2 (1928-1929)
Mcmaster & James : Mcmaster & James
Mdfmk : Mdfmk
Me & My : Me & My
Me One : As Far As I'm Concerned
Meat Loaf : Back From Hell (The Very Best Of) Vol. 1
Meat Loaf : Bad Attitude
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf : Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell
Meat Loaf : Definitive Collection
Meat Loaf : Definitive Collection
Meat Loaf : Definitive Collection - Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf : Heaven And Hell
Meat Loaf : Heaven Can Wait
Meat Loaf : Hits Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf : Live
Meat Loaf : Meat Loaf And Friends
Meat Loaf : Prime Cuts
Meat Loaf : Rock'n'Roll Hero
Meat Loaf : Simply The Best
Meat Loaf : The Collection
Meat Loaf : The Very Best Of Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf : Twelve Inch Mixes
Meat Loaf : Welcome To The Neighbourhood
Mecano : Aidalai
Mecano : Ana, Jose, Nacho
Mecano : Descanso Dominical
Mecano : Donde esta el pais de las hadas
Mecano : En concierto
Mecano : Entre el cielo y el suelo
Mecano : Mecano
Mecano : Ya viene el sol
Mechthild Bach, u. a. : Baroque Esprit - Stradella
Medal : Drop Your Weapon
Megadeth : Countdown To Extinction
Megadeth : Cryptic Writings
Megadeth : Hidden Treasures
Megadeth : Hidden Treasures
Megadeth : Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Megadeth : Risk
Megadeth : Rust In Peace
Megadeth : So Far, So Good...So What
Megadeth : Youthanasia
Megavier : Megavier
Mehmet Badan : Mehmet Badan
Mehmet Ergin : Beyond The Seven Hills
Meirelles, u. a. : Inutil paisagem
Meja : Seven Sisters
Mel Torme : Comin' Home Baby
Melanie : Old Bitch Warrior
Melanie : Shine On (The Latest And Greatest)
Melanie : The Very Best Of
Melanie : The Very Best Of
Melanie C : Northern Star
Melieck Britt : First Touch
Melina Leon : Con Los Pies Sobre La Tierra
Melina Mercouri : Master Serie - Melina Mercouri
Melissa Etheridge : Brave And Crazy
Melissa Etheridge : Breakdown
Melissa Etheridge : Breakdown
Melissa Etheridge : Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge : Never Enough
Melissa Etheridge : Yes I Am
Melissa Etheridge : Your Little Secret
Melkysedeck : Sister & Brother
Mellow Sirens : Mellow Sirens
Mellow Trax : Techno Vibes
Mellowbag : Around The Clock In A Day
Mellowbag : Bipolar Opposites
Melodie Crittenden : Melodie Crittenden
Melon Diesel : La Cuesta de Mr.Bond
Members Of Mayday : Members Only
Members Of Mayday, u. a. : Mayday Compilation Vol. 4 (Reformation)
Memphis Bleek : Coming Of Age
Memphis Slim : Soul Blues
Memphis Slim : The Real Folk Blues
Men At Work : Brazil (Greatest Hits Live)
Men At Work : Brazil (Greatest Hits Live)
Men At Work : Business As Usual
Men At Work : Business As Usual
Men At Work : Cargo
Men At Work : Cargo
Men at Work : Cargo+Business As
Men At Work : Contraband (The Best Of)
Men At Work : Contraband (The Best Of)
Men At Work : Contraband (The Best Of)
Men At Work : Contraband (The Best Of)
Men at Work : Definitive Collectio
Men at Work : Definitive Collectio
Men At Work : Men At Work And Friends
Men At Work : Simply The Best - Men At Work
Men Without Hats : The Very Best Of
Menelik : Je Me Souviens
Menelik : O.Q.P
Menschenfischer : Rot
Menswear : Nuisance
Menudo : Feliz Navidad
Mercedes Sosa : Al despertar
Mercedes Sosa : Alle ihre großen Welterfolge (30 Jahre)
Mercedes Sosa : Best Of
Mercedes Sosa : Gestos de Amor
Mercedes Sosa : Sino
Merceditas Valdes : Ay que bueno
Meredith Brooks : Blurring The Edges
Meredith Brooks : Deconstruction
Merle Haggard : Big City
Merle Haggard : Big City
Merle Haggard : For The Record (43 Legendary Hits)
Merle Haggard : Yesterday's Wine (Epic Collection 1981-88)
Merril Bainbridge : Between The Days
Merz : Merz
Me'shell NdegeOcello : Bitter
Me'shell Ndegeocello : Peace Beyond Passion
Me'shell NdegeOcello : Plantation Lullabies
Meshuggah : Chaosphere
Meshuggah : Contradiction Collapse & None
Meshuggah : Destroy Erase Improve
Message : Message
Metal Molly : The Golden Country
Metallica : And Justice For All
Metallica : Garage Inc.
Metallica : Kill 'em All
Metallica : Load
Metallica : Master Of Puppets
Metallica : Metallica
Metallica : Reload
Metallica : Ride The Lightning
Metallica : S & M
Method Man : Tical
Method Man : Tical 2000 (Judgement Day)
Method Man & Redman : Black Out
Methods of Mayhem : Methods of Mayhem
Metropolitan Klezmer : Yiddish For Travelers
Mette Hartmann : Swan
Mette Hartmann : Swan
Metthews Southern Comfort : Best Of
Meyer, u. a. : Short Trip Home
MFSB : Deep Grooves
MFSB : Deep Grooves
Miami Sound Machine : Primitive Love
Mica Paris : Black Angel
Michael & Tomatito Camilo : Spain
Michael Allen Harrison : In Flight
Michael Ball : The Movies [SOUNDTRACK]
Michael Ball : The Musicals
Michael Bolton : All That Matters
Michael Bolton : Greatest Hits (1985-1995)
Michael Bolton : Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton : Soul Provider
Michael Bolton : The Hunger
Michael Bolton : The One Thing
Michael Bolton : This Is the Time
Michael Bolton : Time, Love & Tenderness
Michael Bolton : Timeless (The Classics)
Michael Bolton : Timeless (The Classics) Vol. 2
Michael Brecker : Don't Try This At Home
Michael Brecker : Now You See It (Now You Don't)
Michael Brecker, u. a. : A Prescription For The Blues
Michael Brecker, u. a. : Forever In The Arms Of Love
Michael Brecker, u. a. : Time Is Of The Essence
Michael Brook : Albino Alligator [SOUNDTRACK]
Michael Brook : Black Rock
Michael Carpenter : Baby
Michael Convertino, Bed of Roses : Bed Of Roses [SOUNDTRACK]
Michael Cretu : Chinesische Mauer
Michael Cretu : Invisible Man
Michael Franks : Abandoned Garden
Michael Franks : Barefoot On The Beach
Michael Franks : Best Of
Michael Franks : Blue Pacific
Michael Franks : Objects Of Desire
Michael Franks : Tiger In The Rain
Michael Gibbs : Michael Gibbs
Michael Gibbs : Tanglewood 63
Michael Group Schenker : One Night at Budokan
Michael Heck : Atlantis
Michael Hedges : Aerial Boundaries
Michael Hedges : Best of Michael Hedges
Michael Hedges : Oracle
Michael Hedges : Torched
Michael Hedges : Torched
Michael Hoenig : Departure From The Northern Wasteland
Michael Holm : Das Beste (Die Telefunken Singles)
Michael Holm : Große Erfolge
Michael Holm : Meine größten Erfolge
Michael Holm : Mendocino
Michael Holm : Tränen lügen nicht (Seine schönsten Lieder)
Michael Holm : Tränen lügen nicht (Seine schönsten Lieder)
Michael Jackson : Bad
Michael Jackson : Ben
Michael Jackson : Blood On The Dance Floor (HIStory In The Mix)
Michael Jackson : Blood On The Dance Floor (HIStory In The Mix)
Michael Jackson : Dangerous
Michael Jackson : Dangerous
Michael Jackson : Forever Michael
Michael Jackson : Ghosts
Michael Jackson : Got To Be There
Michael Jackson : HIStory (Past, Present And Future) Book 1
Michael Jackson : Love Songs
Michael Jackson : Music & Me
Michael Jackson : Off The Wall
Michael Jackson : Soulsation (The 25th Anniversary Collection)
Michael Jackson : The Definite Classics Collection
Michael Jackson : Thriller
Michael Jackson : Thriller (Millenium Edition)
Michael Kamen, Michael Kamen : The Michael Kamen Soundtrack Album [SOUNDTRACK]
Michael König, u. a. : Die Frau und der Affe
Michael Landau, u. a. : Cuba
Michael Learns To Rock : Colours
Michael Learns To Rock : Michael Learns To Rock
Michael Learns To Rock : MLTR (The Best Of)
Michael Learns To Rock : Nothing To Lose
Michael Learns to Rock : Nothing to Lose
Michael Learns To Rock : Played On Pepper
Michael Mantler : Alien
Michael Mantler : Cerco un paese innocente
Michael Mantler : Folly Seeing All This
Michael Mantler : Movies/More Movies
Michael Mantler : Silence and No Answer
Michael Mantler : Something There
Michael Mantler : Songs and One Symphony
Michael Mantler : The School Of Understanding
Michael Martin Murphey : The Horse Legends
Michael Martin Murphy : Best Of Country
Michael McDonald : If That's What It Takes
Michael Mcdonald : No Lookin' Back
Michael McDonald : Sweet Freedom
Michael McDonald : Take It To Heart
Michael Mittermeier : Back To Life
Michael Mittermeier : Zapped
Michael Mittermeier : Zapped!-Austria Edition
Michael Mittermeier : Zapped!-Swiss Edition Ii
Michael Morgan : Erfolge
Michael Morgan : Nur die Liebe bleibt
Michael Morgan : Zeit für dich
Michael Naura Quartet : Call
Michael Naura, u. a. : Michael Naura Quintet
Michael Nesmith : Magnetic South & Loose Salute
Michael Nyman : A Zed And Two Noughts
Michael Nyman : AET (After Extra Time)
Michael Nyman : The Commissar Vanishes/The Fall Of Icarus
Michael Nyman : The Kiss And Other Movements
Michael Nyman Band : Drowning By Numbers
Michael Nyman Band : The Ogre [SOUNDTRACK]
Michael Nyman Band, Michael Nyman : Live
Michael O'Neill : True Love
Michael Penn : Mp4
Michael Peterson : Being Human
Michael Peterson : Michael Peterson
Michael Quast : Henkersmahlzeit
Michael Reiss : Joying On The Vibe Of Life
Michael Schenker Group : Assault Attack
Michael Schenker Group : Built To Destroy
Michael Schenker Group : Michael Schenker Group
Michael Schenker Group : Michael Schenker Group
Michael Schenker Group : MSG
Michael Schenker Group : One Night At Budokan
Michael Schenker Group : Rock Will Never Die
Michael Schenker Group : Unplugged - Live
Michael Weston-King : God Shape Hole
Michael White, u. a. : Thembi
Michaela Merten : Ich
Michal Urbaniak : Fusion
Michel Camilo : One More Once
Michel Delpech : Master Serie Nouvelle Edition - Michel Delpech
Michel Fugain : Gold
Michel Legrand : Big Band
Michel Legrand : Douce France
Michel Legrand : I Love Paris
Michel Legrand : Legrand & Grapelli
Michel Legrand : Legrand Jazz
Michel Macias : Danse t'es vivant
Michel Petrucciani : Blue Note Years
Michel Petrucciani : Live
Michel Petrucciani : Michel Plays Petrucciani
Michel Petrucciani : Music
Michel Petrucciani : Pianism
Michel Petrucciani : Playground
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